Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New To Me

I did a round of my favorite Thrift Stores recently, and found some new ones up in Martinsburg WV to visit-the result was a lighter wallet and a few very nice items and a pleasant couple of hours treasure hunting. I got three handmade baskets that are already put to use, tidying up the kitchen and dining area, I've shown my favorite here.

A cast iron enameled skillet also made it's way to the kitchen. It's navy blue and heavy, with a cast iron gridded skillet surface. It cleaned up beautifully but I haven't used it yet, I still have to season the inner surface.

I was fortunate to find a few beautiful cashmere sweaters that will be unraveled and turned into more beautiful cashmere yarn for me to knit with. I found aqua, black and dark red cashmere sweaters that will yield a lot of laceweight yardage.

I was most tickled by my sterling silver (stamped .945) ring with an (allegedly) amethyst faceted stone in a unique bezel setting. It was my most expensive splurge at $20. I've got it on right now, and it fits perfectly.

There were other things; cookbooks, bestsellers, needlepoint reference books and some Pyrex refrigerator containers. Of course the best thing of all was the flexibility timewise and workwise to be able to thrift (yes, I use it as a verb) midday coupled with the thrill of a treasure hunt. Many, many days I leave with nothing, but not always.

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