Friday, January 28, 2011

Head Hunted

I've always read about people getting calls from head hunters, with lucrative offers of employment with six figure (and up) salaries.  But the only head hunters I've ever encountered are the cannibals I've read about in books.  Until two days ago, when an actual head hunter gave me a call-out of the blue-and asked me if I'd be interested in a senior environmental attorney position.  I don't know if I am or not, but I am definitely going to explore this!  It's exciting, and makes me feel flattered.

For over a year I looked for work with no leads, finally (and gratefully) landing the position I have today.  I love my job now, the flexibility is incredible, and my safety net insured.  But. While direct compensation was not discussed, I think it is safe to say that it will be significantly more than current levels.  But the job flexibility will go with it.  You know how everyone says they have a price?  If I even make it past round one (much less two or three...) I wonder what my price will be?

In knitting content, I'm working on the light blue fingerless mitts. I've used the white handspun Bolivian alpaca from the stupid cows in the sweater I'm raveling to embroider little leaf designs at the wrist.  I can't say enough good things about the Knitpicks dpns (US3) I'm using, smooth and pointy.  I'm knitting these tightly and am experiencing no problems at all.  The yarn is from a recycled Express sweater (wool, angora, nylon, viscose blend) and is very soft.

I'm also finishing up the matching mittens to my red and orange beret.  I'm using the same yarn I used for the beret (a Gap recycled wool sweater) but added two strands of red 2 ply cashmere from a recycled sweater for a bit more warmth and softness.  The cashmere ups the squish factor considerably.

Not content with the number of project I have in progress, I have officially started my first ever toe-up sock-I have to admit that not having to kitchner is a big draw-it will also be my first short row heel, so lots of firsts in this sock.  I'm using Opal self patterning yarn and loving the stripes of purple that are magically revealing themselves.  Photos when I have enough done to have something to show for it besides newly invented curse words.  I'm using "Judy's Magic Cast On" with the help of You Tube videos.

I think this final fridge photo says it all, I made the tiles by getting small magnets and adhering them to the back.  We've had a lot of fun with them, although it is clear that their charm has worn off for all members of the family except moi.  That's okay, I know I am easily amused.  Sticks, string, scrabble tiles and a cup cups of coffee can keep me occupied for hours.

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  1. Love that blue color, and those mitts look so soft! Jealous!!!