Saturday, January 15, 2011

And so it begins

What the world needs now is a new knitting blog. I know, I know. But it's really more than just a knitting blog, it will be my log book, diary, reminder and photo archive.

I've been knitting up a storm now that holiday pressures and holiday deadline knitting are past. I've got a fingerless mitten marathon going as well as several tams for the ladies in my life who wear hats. Because this winter has been so cold, it is making hat wearing and it's hathead hair much more acceptable.

We've had such crappy weather for the past several weeks, with snow and rain and ice and freezing roads.

Youngest Son has been off school for snow days now twice with at least as many two hour delays.

My new job requires some travel and I got stuck in really frightening winter weather travelling back from Martinsburg after a ten hearing tour.I tried to remember all my tips for driving in the snowy, icy weather. Thank goodness for muscle memory.

On the home front, the built in over the range microwave is exactly 4 days out of warranty and is dead. I've called the manufacturer (Samsung) and it looks like I may be able to extend the warranty (crosses fingers).

Having it out of action has made me realize just how often I use it to reheat coffee, tea, leftovers, etc. Still, it's not like being without electricity or running water.

The cream colored hat is Karen's Meret, made from Elle Gold DK. The light blue is Heidi's Meret made from Bucilla's Alpaca Mist. The orange hat, showed in progress, is a basic beret (Greeting From The Knit Cafe) from Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece.

The multicolored scarf is a Baktus from CEY's Paintbox merino, squishy.

The camouflage beanie is for Dad, made from Paton's Classic Wool. I used Dylan's Beanie for the pattern.

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