Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Can you make me one?"

Niece January 14 at 11:31pm Report
Sooo Aunt H------ I'm at Grandpa and Wendy's and I was just shown this really cool tam hat that you made and I was wondering if you could possibly make me one?!
Favorite Auntie January 15 at 1:41am
So what color does my favorite niece want her hat in (made by her favorite Aunt of course!)
NC January 15 at 9:42am Report
wellll your favorite niece would enjoy the color black :) Then she will sport it around Iowa City and everyone will be jealous ♥
Auntie January 15 at 12:35pm
I don't knit on deadline, but I happen to have the perfect black for the hat, and MAY be starting it this coming week. Will need your mailing address. I love you N-----. I'm super proud of how you are just OWNING the whole college thing. You are seriously a super wonderful woman. Stay warm Honey.

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